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Intensive Meditation and Spiritual Healing Retreat - Living in the Presence of Source from Within with Ron Young - Asia

Online Live via Zoom

We stand in the door of a new cycle in the history of the Earth. Many of us have experienced the fabric of our personal lives torn asunder. Many are experiencing life in varying levels of fear, without any sense of the safety net that was afforded in the past through the presence of your loved ones and your daily routines. These are extraordinary times.

Online Healing Wisdom Series - The Yoga of Dreaming with Ron Young - Asia

Online Live via Zoom

This training gives the foundation to surrender ownership of the accumulated experiences that you refer to as “yourself,” revealing the greater spiritual nature within where there is no ownership – only the revelation of your Nature in Creation.

Online Healing Wisdom Series - Without Interpretation with Ron Young

Online Live via Zoom

ONLINE: July 14-16 and July 21-23, 2023 - Without Interpretation is one of the few foundational courses offered this year. This training is for those beginning with Ron Young or current students who would like to deepen their understanding from within the central pillars of the work.

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