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The Introduction to Spiritual Constellations with Ron Young - Europe

August 21, 2021 - August 27, 2021

Family Constellations, Spiritual Healing Constellations, Spirit Mind Movement Constellations, Multidimensional Constellations, Archetypal and Incarnational Constellations

As a result of many requests in the past year we are pleased to announce The Introduction to Spiritual Constellations – Movements in the Field of Life.

To enter into the advanced Constellation work we must begin with a strong base. During this intensive, you will learn this foundation.

The Family Constellation work is the entry point to the Greater Spiritual Constellations. However, the Greater Spiritual Constellations are movements existing beyond the “Family Soul Authority,” which is rooting the movements of the Family Constellation manifestation of the individual receiving the
constellation for reorganization and placement both internally and externally within the birthing field.

The Greater Constellation work requires profound spiritual development through which the Constellator has access to enter into different levels of the Greater Spiritual Reality and the Greater Spiritual levels of authority - permissions which guide the possibilities and probabilities of what is permitted for each movement.

The evolution of the Constellation work is revealed internally through the greater access of the Creative
Consciousness as “Reality,” as the student opens and develops themselves internally.

A deep spiritual practice and commitment to your spiritual development is essential, for as we advance from the Family Constellations, each participant will be required to enter into the work from within their spiritual authority and to open the door of intercession through the agency of
God, Spirit, and Grace.

This training offers an extraordinary foundation for living in abundance and success, fully supporting and empowering your spiritual, personal, and professional life. If your inspiration to enter the training is to enrich your knowledge of Constellation work through personal experience, deepen your spiritual practice, the training will support you.

- Remain blessed, Ron Young

Who is invited to the Introduction to Spiritual Constellations with Ron Young?

This workshop is for students who have taken at least an introductory or foundational workshop with Ron or have Ron’s special permission to join.

This introduction leads to an optional, more in-depth 18-month International Constellation Training – Movements in The Field of Life starting in the fall of 2021.


Live via Zoom


LANGUAGES: English, Italian, Greek
We require a minimum of ten participants for translation in languages other than English. There will be no translation in Mandarin, as we plan to offer an identical training in September for Asian students.

TRAINING FEES: Scholarships available. If you are experiencing financial hardship, we welcome you to pay what is correct for you, please contact us by email.

Sliding scale tuition: $395-595 USD

REGISTRATION: The final registration deadline is August 18, 2021 at noon.


August 21: 12-3 PM EDT / 18:00-21:00 CET
August 22-27: 10 AM - 3PM / 16:00-21:00 CET

When you register for this training, all of the sessions are included and your attendance at each of the dates list is required. Ron follows the oral teaching and transmission tradition of his own teachers. We will not be sending any recordings. Recordings are for archival purposes only.

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