From 1972 -1995 I received my formal training through the “One” in his/her many forms of the Master Teachers who stepped forward to assist my opening into Self Knowledge. Each graciously offered me, and countless others, years of Presence with God and Spirit through personal demonstration, teaching me to open to God Source beyond self and all “human identity,” to bring forth the gifts of spiritual healing as an offering and service for humanity. The Teachers: Nicolas Buhalis, Hilda Charlton, Orestes Valdez, Yolanda Betegh, and Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos). In 2006, my work with the Father of Family Constellations, Dr. Bert Hellinger began.

In 1983, I was asked to give a training in Canada. Having been in the midst of years of training and offering individual spiritual healing I refused, as I did not see that as my place. However, the Teachers informed me the request was a movement from God and Spirit, not from ambition, and to take it. I have been given the Grace to continue to move this way through life, following the movements of God and Spirit in service externally only when they come as invitations which I always see as movements from Source. In this way there remains surrender to the unknown future and complete trust in Its manifestation of success and abundance for the work which is called forth, not through my doing, but through that which gives Life and calls us to enter, to remain seated within the Cave of the Heart, and outwardly to go forward with God and Spirit breath by breath, in the movement of compassion.

- Ron Young

Ron's Teachers

Nicolas Buhalis
Ron's spiritual life opened during his four-year apprenticeship with the Greek American artist Nicolas Buhalis. Under the guidance of Nicolas, he began “seeing” and spontaneously entering into the Living Creative Universe.
Hilda Charlton
Ron’s life entered into 13 years of traditional yogic development based in Advaita Meditation, under the auspices of the Spiritual Master and Healer Hilda Charlton whom he considers his “Root Teacher.”

Apprenticeships with Two Master Healers:

Orestes Valdez
Orestes was a master healer, the third generation, following his grandmother and father, what was formerly called the white spiritualist brotherhood. Additionally, he incorporated Native American and African healing traditions within his healing work. Orestes guided Ron in a healing apprenticeship for 7 years, teaching the movement of healing through all planes of spiritual, psychical, and material reality. The work here involved bringing the spiritual frequencies through all realms of manifestation using the language and tradition that was correct for each individual who was seeking healing.
Yolanda Betegh
Yolanda was a Hungarian master healer working with the energy field of the Earth. In apprenticeship with Yolanda, Ron was guided to develop mastery of the energetic fields used in healing.

It is through the grace of these four teachers and their many years of demonstrating the Reality of Spirit, their profound guidance based in Love, and many hundreds of hours of hands on work with him, that Ron became who he is today.

Note: In 1988 Hilda, Yolanda, and Orestes, left their material bodies within months of each other.

Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis
The Magus of Strovolos
The years of training with Hilda, Orestes and Yolanda, were to culminate in Cyprus with the Spiritual Master Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (popularly known as Daskalos and The Magus of Strovolos -see book by that title). Here all of the trainings and the diverse traditions Ron had been previously immersed in created a powerful foundation for what he was to receive from Daskalos. Ron worked closely with Daskalos from 1987 until his crossing over in 1995.
Dr. Bert Hellinger
The Father of Family Constellations
Ron worked closely with Dr. Bert Hellinger, the Father of Family Constellations, in Europe and the Americas. During that time, in conjunction with the work of Dr. Hellinger, Ron developed The Healing Constellations, The Big Field and The Deep Field Constellations, The Holy Spiritual Constellations and The Sacred Spiritual Constellations - a form of direct intervention with Spirit for full Regenerative Healing for those dealing with life challenging situations.

Constellation Lineage

I share the following story, not for personal aggrandizement, but simply to permit you to see my place within the lineage of constellation work in relation to Dr. Bert Hellinger.

I arrived to work with Dr. Bert Hellinger, the Father of Family Constellations, in September 2006 as a deeply developed Spiritual Healer and Seeker of Truth, established within Self. At this time I had a full and successful practice working with people who had serious illnesses and had been teaching for 27 years. I enrolled in his three-year Constellation training at the Hellingerschule in Bolzano, Italy which was offered as a certificate program in partnership with the Université Européenne de Jean Monnet in Brussels, Belgium. The training offered at the school was extraordinary. The first year was taught by Dr. Hellinger. Subsequently, in the second year Dr. Hellinger was joined by his wife Marie Sophie Hellinger and three of the teachers who taught with him in Europe: Gerhard Walper, Wolfgang Deußer, and Michaela Kaden. Each of these exceptional teachers arrived with individual insights and unique ways of moving within the Constellation work and had worked with Dr. Hellinger for a minimum of 15 years.

From my very first encounter with Constellations, I immediately began using the work, in individual private client sessions, and with my students in five-to-ten-day group training sessions. During the first three years in addition to my work with Dr. Hellinger, I averaged approximately 1,500 hours per year in my personal work with Constellations. This was a deep immersion to see what was possible, and where there were boundaries and limitations.

In November 2007, Dr. Hellinger invited me to leave the program to work with him on a personal level as his assistant, which meant forfeiting my “piece of paper.” Without hesitation I said, “Yes. The certificate means nothing to me.” He replied, “Me too.” At that time the constellation work was beginning to open through profound levels of super consciousness (see The Field of Life Training) beyond the family field of consciousness.

We were in New York City in December 2007 organizing some work, I asked him if he would give permission for me to organize some constellation training in the States with the teachers from the European school. His reply was, “No. I am sending you.” This collaboration which was to include the profound openings of the work through the Greater Spiritual Consciousness of manifestation, continued through January 2010.

The Work

Dr. Bert Hellinger developed the Constellation work as a direct movement through “That Which is Greater,” for profound healing and reorganization at the individual and family lineage. Note: He uses the term ”That Which is Greater” to bypass all of the conflicted and negative belief responses to the word God. As he continued moving forward, the work developed into an extensive canon of applications offered to humanity as a door to empowerment. This empowerment arrives through individuals taking interior movements to reorganize positioning within structure for abundant success, grounded in compassion, respect, and Self-knowledge. This movement opens new futures for individuals, families, all forms of organizational structures, and businesses.

This canon of Constellation work developed by Dr. Hellinger, and later with the assistance of his wife Marie Sophie Hellinger, came directly from the work itself. All spiritual and psychological theory and belief systems were discarded. Whether the work was done in Europe, North or South America, Asia, or Africa, the movements and the language were exactly the same. His work uncovered the common language of humanity which is open to each of us to communicate through, assist, and support each other individually and in community through many diverse structures. The work is grounded in seeing each other as we are with compassion and without judgement, thus, discarding the superficial shields of separation and exclusion that create the Other and the Enemy.

My personal contribution to the Constellation work has been, and remains, to open a deep investigation, accessing the Greater Field of Human Consciousness from within its originating consciousness seeking the movement of Grace from “That Which is Greater” through the authority of God and Spirit for direct movements of healing and regeneration into the material body of those seeking to recover from serious illness.

In the opening of this exploration, the process, the form, the languages, and the movements when looked at through the lens of the original Family Constellations were new and unknown. I have designated the umbrella of this work through the Greater Field of Human Consciousness with Spirit in Its movements from “That Which is Greater,” (God, Source, Original Mind, Life): The Spiritual Healing Constellations. Included in this umbrella of manifestation are: Spirit Mind Movement Constellations, Multidimensional Constellations, Archetypal and Incarnational Constellations, and Gaia Life Constellations.

- Ron Young

Continuation of Lineage

The Wisdom of Healing School, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is an outgrowth of the work Ron has done through the agency of Healing Wisdom, in response to the deep need and request of many individuals.

Over the last three years - In the Time of Covid- and the worldwide lockdown, Ron and his team transitioned to multiple weekly meditations and healing sessions, offered in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Mandarin and Cantonese and open to all who were called. For the serious students who were searching for their greater spiritual development and service, Ron and Sarah established many continuous trainings, including 18-month trainings in the Americas, Europe, and Asia which continue to go forward with great success today. The students responding during these years achieved extraordinary internal development due to their sense of urgency, and a calling to offer their greater service to the world. During these three years, Ron, Sarah and The Healing Wisdom team were continuously present, online, day and night, assisting with healings and inter-continental support to the traumatic situation the world was facing. This support included countless individual and group healings of those suffering from deep trauma and serious illness.

The Wisdom of Healing School team was present, and remains present.
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