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Online Healing Wisdom Series - Without Interpretation with Ron Young

July 14, 2023 - July 23, 2023

Online: July 14-16 and July 21-23, 2023

Without Interpretation is one of the few foundational courses offered this year. This training is for those beginning with Ron Young or current students who would like to deepen their understanding from within the central pillars of the work. Participation is highly recommended for those considering entering certificate programs and advanced tracks.

Without Intepretation

When your mother and father
Have given to you everything
And you have taken all of the nourishment
Offered at the great banquet
Without interpretation
Including every stale and moldy crumb
Left forgotten under the table
As one starved for salvation
Your life will begin
Now you are free to go to be with Him
In the desert and on the mountain
Naked in your cloth of reeds
Eating locust and wild honey
And when you baptize them in Her name
Fire Will Descend
For only now can Source BE Source
Without interpretation
Without needing to fill the holes
Of your wounded humanity
With the imagined sweetness
Of what never arrived

About the Training

When we take the incarnation, Life-Source, passes through our parents to us, and we, fully Spiritual in our nature, enter the interface of time and space.  We arrive clothed in our material body and its accompanying personality, carrying within us the manifestation of Source-Spirit as our innermost reality.

In this training we will each take our place with our Mother and Father SEEING them and receiving them AS THEY ARE.  This movement is one of self-empowerment and freeing us from the history of wounded-blame which we project upon them.  Through this wounded-blame we live and remain in separation from the fullness of our nature within our Spirit-Soul.  With this SEEING, we SEE our parents to be as they are: Doorways of Spirit offering to us the Gift of Life itself in the clothing of the incarnation through which we each pass. 

We are the children of our parents always, and we are also the Children of Life-Source within our Spirit-Soul, with which we have taken the decision for the incarnation.  Entering this reality, we have access to Source, and to Life, as Fulfillment and Abundance – without projecting the victim needs of our wounded-blame upon Source and Spirit.   Here, irrevocably, Source arrives as Source, The open door receiving you fully as you, guiding you into your Spiritual Reality. 

We are empowered to receive the fulfillment of our Nature in Spirit, living Its Fulfillment and Its Abundance and manifesting fully our Life through the movement of our Spirit-Soul. And we are empowered to accept fully with love and with gratitude:  the Earth River of our Ancestors and stand fully embraced by those who came before us. 

Ron Young


Live via Zoom


LANGUAGES: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Sliding Scale Tuition: $650-800 USD

Please register by noon on July 7, 2023.


Friday: 6-9 PM CST / HKT
Saturday: 5-10 PM CST / HKT
Sunday: 5-10 PM CST / HKT

Ron will include one long break each day, and shorter breaks as he sees fit.

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