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The World of the Living Series - The Yogic Mindfield of Manifesting the Creative Intelligence

August 13, 2023 - August 20, 2023

Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Constellations and Creative Openings

THIS TRAINING gives the foundation to surrender ownership of the accumulated experiences that you refer to as “yourself.” Revealing the greater spiritual nature within where there is no ownership - only the revelation of your Nature in Creation.

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Over the course of the last 80 years, particularly with the advent of the technological industrial revolution,  an amplified model of quick success propounds the ease of “creating abundance and success” through the use of the subconscious mind, combined with intention, and visualization to instantly manifest what “you want,” that is to say what the “I” and the “ME” wants.  Additionally, the industrial complex with its technical immediacy, has now amplified this image and message throughout the digital landscape, in which humanity has immersed itself.  The prevailing sentiment is that, “The road to success and riches is now available to all in the blink of an eye.” The secret instrument for achieving this instant success and abundance in what YOU WANT— NOW is the employment of the subconscious mind as the Genie in the Bottle.

This archetypal reality labeled “Competition,”or simply, “What I want! Hell with the rest of you!,” remains the Artillery, which has currently eaten the resources of the planet with no remorse, effectively upending humanity and its greater potentialities for bestowing what was endowed to the future generations from those who came before us for the successful re-generation of life process, of human culture rooted inclusively with earth conservation, and preservation. In these continuing choices and actions, offered with pretended unknowing and unseeing the rapid retaliation of multiple seismic waves of consequences are gifted to the citizens of the world, continuing to greatly decrease the probability of gifting a legacy of a successful, sustainable, and renewable future to earth. This unending consumption of the world leaves Money as the headstone for those who will never be born in the river of continued deafened, dispassionate, and inactive silence as the portal to a silent future.

Indeed, now in this moment of urgency with the world organizations proclaiming arrival at the place of no return, the Pontificates sit in their pot of boiling water like the proverbial Frog in the Hot Pot, not knowing that they are already dead while still urinating upon their section of the Life Tree of humanitythe image of protecting their territory, proclaiming “It is mine!”

This training is not a reaction to, but an active embrace offered to all who are called to embrace from within the silence of the Great Compassion of their Greater Nature, the entangled heart of the world culture, of pretended unknowing and unseeing of the present-day great movements of the consequences of actions taken and not taken.

Each of the original teachings of the Great Spiritual traditions that presently serve humanity with images of Compassion-Wisdom inclusive of all humanity give “Source Teachings” that reveal success and abundance in life as a by-product of the practice of opening and living from within into one’s Greater Nature from within the Heart Seat of Wisdom-Compassion, where the “I” and the “ME”, are inclusive in the Greater Good of the “We” and the “Us” of humanity. 

The process of opening through the Wisdom-Compassion field of one's nature from within reveals great difficulty, distrust, and suspicion of outcome simply because while one may have the urgent need to open deeply from within, the work is no longer a simple daily affirmation or a visualization on a specific desired outcome as is common to the human field of manifesting the future.

The work now includes a deep willingness to participate internally with the awakening of inner discernment and discrimination. Through investigation and introspection the Self-knowing reality expressed as the Wisdom of Insight, “seeing” within the form of appearances, begins to cut through the habitual rigid embrace of the “I” world anchored in the “What I want” of the desire body.  

In this opening, one is initiated to what the world cannot teach: Inner Trust to one's Greater Nature. A new found simplicity of humility invites the participant to the agreement of following the birthing and unfolding of the greater field of life unveiled through the spiritual intelligence from within the root of one's nature. Here, the Wisdom-Compassion seat has been received, with its place of authority, its deeply embracing regenerative reordering, through its profound movement of Wisdom-Compassion. One embraces all equally in all of the movements of life given by the Teacher called the Wisdom of Life.

Here the movement is for the greater good and the greater service both from within self and emanating into life expressing itself in service to the greater good and the greater service to all.

All who are called are welcomed.

Ron Young

About The World of the Living Series

As long as you own yourself, 

you will continue to refer to yourself as such and such a person, who was born in a certain time, at a certain place, of certain parents.  

As long as you own yourself, 

you will think in terms of the family, community, and your native country culture.  

As long as you own-yourself, 

you will speak a certain language and live according to what you have been taught is correct from within your community.  

As long as you own yourself, 

you will focus upon your suffering and the suffering of the world you live in.  The suffering of others will be a distant and in many ways meaningless thing, as the attention and preference regarding living and suffering will be given to what you know and experience in your daily living.

When you have been born into your Nature in Creation and have entered the World of the Living, you will find yourself holding all of the life forms in this universe in equality, with compassion, and will speak the language of Divine Love.  

It is the Nature of the Living and the Nature of the Heart of Compassion to hold and embrace all life and all suffering. For having stepped out of the ownership of self-images, personality and the material form, one becomes not a citizen of a country, or the world, but of the Universe.

From within our Nature, we are the living wisdom of Self-knowledge, emanating Compassion-Wisdom-Power. In this place of Beingness, there is no separation one from the other, there is no greater suffering one from the other, and there is no greater cause one from the other. We stand within the birthing fully interdependent for their existence, as they are each manifesting as equality, insight and direct knowing.

Ron Young

August 2001

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Introductory training is required to enter 2024 Advanced Training. Participation is highly recommended for those considering entering certificate programs and advanced tracks.

LANGUAGES: English, French, Spanish
We require a minimum of ten participants for translation into languages other than English. Please email by June 1st if you plan to attend and will need a translator.

There are two steps for registration for this training. Please register first with Healing Wisdom here, and then instructions will be provided to register with the Garrison Institute.

Sliding Scale Fees: $1,250-1,900

Early Registration Deposit June 1: Healing Wisdom registrations with a €500 deposit submitted by June 1 at noon ET will receive a €100 discount on the total Healing Wisdom training balance due on August 6.

Balance due August 6: The Healing Wisdom training fee final balance is due by August 6 at noon ET.

Late Registration after August 6: Participants who register after August 6 at noon ET will have an additional €100 late registration processing fee, added to the Healing Wisdom training fee. The entire balance will be due at this time.

Fees for food and lodging during the in-person retreats will be paid directly to the Garrison Institute. Prices listed are per person and include three meals per day, tea/coffee throughout the day, a daily shuttle from/to the local train station, and use of the meeting space.

• $1,295 USD - Single Room
• $1,085 USD - Double Room
• $980 USD - Dorm Room
• $770 USD - Commuter Room

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