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The Spirit Mind Healing Constellations: The Medicine of Spirit with Ron Young - Movements of The Spirit Mind

May 31 - June 2

All Who Are Called Are Welcome

This will be an intensive immersion focused on development for the Spiritual Healer. Our days together will be grounded in Spiritual Meditation and applied Spiritual Healing. Each participant will be assisted to deep entry into their unique opening to Spirit Within. Where indicated, we will also work with Spiritual Constellations.

THE SPIRITUAL HEALER stands within Self-Knowing and knows who he is in Self in relation to Source and Spirit. In this knowing there is no distance between the Spiritual Healer, Source and Spirit. There is no mask to hide behind, no posture of superiority, and no acts of judgment. He is the bearer of a great treasure – The Medicine of Spirit.

THE SPIRITUAL HEALER is not captured by the psychical world, or the worlds of phenomena. He seeks only the manifestation of the phenomena of the Power of Love from the Giver of Life itself. He calls this Grace – The Medicine of Spirit.

THE SPIRITUAL HEALER is standing surrendered, naked in the Sacred Place within and has relinquished the voices of the world as his defining reality of what is possible. He is clothed only in the luminous vestments Spirit offers: Love, Power, and Wisdom. He has the courage of the Power of Love to stand as the vision holder for the one seeking assistance from Spirit – The Medicine of Spirit.

THE SPIRITUAL HEALER in this same moment stands in Authority with Spirit to call forth the Healing. The Healer knows and perceives the immediate response to his request, and perceives also the immense forces and intelligences that stand forth in active response to each request. There is complete confidence and trust in the manifestation of the healing – The Medicine of Spirit.

- Ron Young


LANGUAGES: English and Cantonese

Friday, May 31: Hong Kong Scout Centennial Building - 23 Yat Sin St, Morrison Hill, Hong Kong

Saturday-Sunday, June 1-2: Buddhist Hung Sean Chau Memorial College - 10 Ping Ting Rd - Ngau Chi Wan, Hong Kong (Auditorium on the 1st floor)

This schedule is meant to give you a general idea. Ron will be responding to the group consciousness and the needs of those in the training, therefore, it may change.

Friday to Sunday

  • Morning Session: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM 
  • Lunch Break: 1:00 - 3:15 PM
  • Afternoon Session: 3:15 - 7:00 PM* 

*Sunday’s afternoon session ends at 6:00 PM

Registration, pricing, location, and other program details can be found here:

Room and board are not included.


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