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The International Constellation Training - Movements in the Field of Life with Ron Young - Europe

November 19, 2021 - August 31, 2023


We are pleased to announce the second 18-MONTH HEALING WISDOM INTERNATIONAL CONSTELLATION TRAINING – MOVEMENTS IN THE FIELD OF LIFE. We will work through the evolution of the Constellation work as it continuously opens and evolves in its movement of spiritual consciousness including:

  • Family Constellations
  • Organizational Constellations
  • Spiritual Healing Constellations
  • Spirit Mind Movement Constellations
  • Multidimensional Constellations
  • Archetypal and Incarnational Constellations
  • Gaia Life Constellations
  • Geopathic Constellations

This training offers an extraordinary foundation for living in abundance and success, fully supporting and empowering your spiritual, personal, and professional life. If your inspiration to enter the training is to enrich your knowledge of Constellation work through personal experience, deepen your spiritual practice, or to go forward as a Constellator, the training will support you.

- Ron Young

Who may attend?

This training is for those who have attended at least one of Ron’s workshops or meditations.
This 18-month intensive is a big commitment, therefore it is important that you are familiar with Ron and his work before you dive deeply.

Advanced and dedicated students who participated in the first 18-month training may be given leadership positions, including leading practicums.
During this second training, students of the first cohort will be perceiving with more depth and working with more understanding of the movements of the constellations. As an advanced student, your presence will contribute to the quality of the field. Your previous experience will benefit both you and others. Your new knowledge will be built upon what you already know. The greater the dedication and capacity of this group, the more Ron will be able to teach.

Special consideration will be given to those who are deeply called but have not yet worked with Ron. Please send us a few lines about yourself and what has brought you to this training.

Spiritual, Healing, and Constellation Lineage of Ron Young

From 1972-1995 Ron received formal training through the “One” in his/her many forms of the Master Teachers who stepped forward to assist his opening into Self Knowledge. Each graciously offered him, and countless others, years of Presence with God and Spirit through personal demonstration, teaching him to open to God Source beyond self and all “human identity,” to bring forth the gifts of spiritual healing as an offering and service for humanity. In 2007 Dr. Hellinger invited Ron to work with him on a personal level as his assistant.

Self-Directed Content

Practicum sessions: There will be additional sessions where students will have the opportunity to practice constellation work. These are highly recommended, but not required, will be attended voluntarily, and self-organized by the participants.

Meditation and Personal Spiritual Practice: To complete this training, a daily spiritual practice and commitment to your spiritual development is essential. As we advance from the Family Constellations into The Greater Spiritual Field each practitioner will be required to enter into the work from within their spiritual authority and to open the door of intercession through the agency of God, Spirit, and Grace.

Assignments and Readings: There will be written assignments and presentations as the training unfolds. As themes and issues are solved experientially, individually and from within the group, readings will be given to support the movements taken. In this way the perception and understanding is insight through experience. This is different from the traditional teaching method based on theory.


Live via Zoom


LANGUAGES: English, Italian, Greek
We require a minimum of ten participants for translation in languages other than English.

LOCATION: We will have to see how the reopening of the world goes. All of the weekend training sessions will be online, with a few possible exceptions, which will be shared at a later date. We plan to hold the weeklong intensives in person at retreat centers in Italy and Greece, based on availability of space. Updates regarding the possibility of in-person sessions will be shared with participants well in advance.

If you have a health condition that prohibits you from meeting in person, you are still welcome to join. Please let us know and we will work with
you to find a solution.

While the pandemic is prevalent, all meetings will be virtual. There will be no in-person meetings if there is ANY public health concern.

In a movement to support students over the past year, we have implemented a tiered payment system where participants pay what they are able within their payment bracket. We will continue in this way for the International Constellation Training. You commit to 18 monthly payments,
from November 2021 until April 2023.

Sliding Scale Tuition: €140-215 ($165-250 USD) / month for 18 months + €1.200-1.700 ($1,400-$2,000 USD) for weeklong trainings modules + Food and Lodging. If the weeklong training
sessions are virtual, the fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Discount: Students who attended the first 18-month training receive a €40 ($50 USD) discount on monthly payments, for a total of €720 ($900 USD) for the complete training.

REGISTRATION: Registration for this training is due by November 12, 2021.

When you register for this training, your attendance at each of the dates listed is required, including the week-long retreats. Ron follows the oral teaching and transmission tradition of his own teachers. We will not be sending any recordings. Recordings are for archival purposes only.

Over the span of 18 months, there will be a total of about 500 hours of teaching and practice. Ron's teaching is inspired by his lineage: one learns by hands-on experience with clients. He carries this work forward with his advanced students. Therefore, part of this training includes assisting clients individually and as a group.

Although not recommended, if there is scheduling difficulty with the weeklong intensives you are welcome to substitute another weeklong training from the Healing Wisdom program when posted.


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