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The Advanced International Constellation Training 2024 Movements in the Field of Life with Ron Young - Asia

February 23, 2024 - February 28, 2025


This three-year training is given in the same spirit Ron received teachings from his teachers. We are remaining within the Great Door of Our Nature. We are trusting in the deep opening of knowing, and going forward to each situation brought to us by the clients who arrive. In this way the Greater Nature can give the teaching of Process, of what is allowed, and most importantly demonstrate Its power to heal and reorganize each of us. This trust of what is initially the silent unknown Source of Life, enters into a continuous active inner process of deep participation grounded in deep listening.

Your Heart-Wisdom will guide you – listen deeply.

Invitation to the Advanced Three-Year Training

The advanced training will be offered in modules over a three year period of both in-person and online sessions. It will offer a road for going forward from both within who and what we are, and for our continuing service to the world in which we live.

This training is an inner journey, calling to those who have the urgency and courage of knowing the deep seat of their Inner Heart Compassion and Wisdom Mind, to actually live in the meeting room of Compassion-Wisdom.

At the same time of inner urgency ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have the infinite patience to hold the world in which I live as it is, with no judgment, no violence of manipulating it, or changing it, and in the same moment can I be the Compassion serving all equally through the embrace of Heart-Compassion-Wisdom-Insight, both through presence and demonstration, to the Field of Life I share with all of humanity?
  • Do I have the urgency to open, and leave within the dust of time, the marker of my greater nature and its radiant service to the world in which I live?

Ron Young

The Advanced Training

For those who have completed the 18-Month Training, the urgency at this time is for the internal development of what it means to hold, support, and empower clients through deep-rooted support to those seeking healing of distress and dis-ease, into full regenerative healing and well-being.

This training is to bring each student into their fulfillment and personal self knowing as it calls for an inner reorganization of each participant from the ground up to both receive and then offer full empowerment of what is possible through the agency of Source Within, to each client.

Having taken the deep seat as Researchers of Truth and Spiritual Healers, we will enter into the Advanced Spiritual Constellation work Ron has designated as the Sacred Spiritual Constellations. For this aspect of the work, development cannot be achieved solely online, it requires the full teaching offered through in-person practice. 

This training is to offer adjunct support for the continuous regeneration of the full human, especially assisting those who have entered movements of great difficulty.

Please note: We are not doctors, we do not practice medicine. We do not make diagnoses. We work in agreement with all fields of medicine.


The advanced training is being offered to students from the 18-Month Trainings in Asia, and to other long-term students who who will be reviewed on a case by case basis by Ron and Sarah.

In response to many requests from the students who completed our 18-Month Training program we are offering a three year advanced training.  The advanced training will consist of three annual intensives from 2024-2026: in-person intensives, online long weekends and ongoing practicums.

Practicum dates are forthcoming but will likely be scheduled once or twice a month following Ron’s Saturday meditation. Students will engage in depth meditation, spiritual healing and spiritual constellation practices, to refine facilitation skills. 

In addition to structured training and practicum times, all students are expected to maintain a meditation practice and agree to opportunities for “hands on” experience with both spiritual healing practices and spiritual constellations. Students will keep a journal of their practice and process.

We want to empower you to shape your training experience according to your unique needs and desires. Each year students are free to decide if the work is good for them or not and make decisions about continuing the training. If you decide to discontinue the training, you are always welcome to participate in all the other offerings of Healing Wisdom.

It is for each of you to decide and honor what is correct for you according to your life river. Your decisions are always honored and respected.

LANGUAGES: English, Cantonese, Mandarin
A minimum of ten participants are required for translation into languages other than English.

ONLINE February 23-25
ONLINE March 29-31
ONLINE May 10-12
IN-PERSON: June 19-25
- Yuntai Mountains, Henan Province

$4,000 USD; this price includes:
- One intensive in-person training (does not include room and board)
- Three long weekend online intensives
- Ten monthly practicums led by Ron and Sarah
- Certification
- To support your going forward we are offering significant discounts to other trainings (see below)
- When you register, you may choose one of several payment plans

DISCOUNTS TO OTHER HEALING WISDOM TRAININGS: Students enrolled in the advanced training will receive 30% off all other online trainings and 20% off the Healing Wisdom training fees for all other in-person trainings in the years that they are registered for the Advanced Training.

Please note that this does not apply to trainings at Kripalu as they have a different registration and fee structure.

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions please email:

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