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Assisi New Year Retreat - Healing and Regeneration for the Healers of the World with Ron Young

January 5, 2023 - January 8, 2023

New Year Retreat In Person in Assisi, Italy

As vehicles of compassion, the Healers of the World by their nature, gather to themselves the sorrows, fears, and traumas of the world. Compassion is the ground of their continuous service.

This New Year’s Meditation and Spiritual Healing Retreat is one of profound spiritual renewal. It calls forth the reordering of Life as we know it, in its fullness from within.

We agree to the releasing of the world sorrows, fears, and traumas through the guidance of the inner Wisdom Voice emanating from Source Within. With Its continuous empowerment-embrace we take our movements to Self, with profound trust and humility.

We give permission to receive the power offered from Source Within, to guide us each into full
renewal refocused and reordered:
In urgency to Self.
In priority to Self Knowing.
Rooted in Self Being.

Returning revitalized, renewed, we again offer ourselves to the Service of Life and the Greater Good of all.

- Ron Young

The Invocation of Grace

Standing before
That which is Greater
Standing in Its Service

Standing with the Guardian
called Destiny on the left.

Standing with the Guardian
called Conscience on the right.

Standing with the Guardian
called Acceptance behind you.

Standing before
That which is Greater,
Standing before
That which is Passing through,
Bringing forth the Generations
One upon the other, as a Great River.

When there is deep need to continue
with movement unfinished,
as a part of That which is Greater
And in Service to It,

Say “Please” from within the Heart Seat
of your Compassion Mind.

This is the Invocation of Grace

La Cittadella dell'Ospitalità

Via degli Ancajani 3
Assisi, Italy
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LANGUAGES: English, Italian, Greek
We require a minimum of ten participants for translation into languages other than English.

REGISTRATION: Registration and the payment of a €300 deposit is requested by Tuesday December 20, 2022 at noon.

Sliding Scale Fees: €630-830
As a consequence of the situation in Ukraine, European monthly household utility bills are now 2-3 times higher. As such, we are reducing the fees of each tier by 150 €.

Fees for food and lodging during the in-person retreat will be paid directly to the facility at the end of the stay. However, kindly note that you are asked to book your room reservation through Healing Wisdom, not La Cittadella dell’Ospitalità di Assisi.

• € 272,00 - 4 days full board in single room (if available) 
• € 232,00 - 4 days full board in double/triple room

SCHEDULE: This schedule is meant to share the general overview. Ron will be responding to the group consciousness and the needs of those in the training, and is therefore subject to change. There will be breaks within each morning and afternoon session. Depending on the day, there may be some days with evening sessions. Movement classes and Tai Chi & Qi Gong classes will be offered daily.

Wednesday, January 4:
8-9 PM: Dinner

Thursday-Saturday, January 5-7:
8-9 AM: Breakfast
10 AM-1 PM: Morning Session
1-3 PM: Lunch
3-7 PM: Afternoon Session
7-9 PM: Dinner

Friday, January 8:
8-9 AM: Breakfast
10 AM-1PM: Morning Session
1-3 PM: Lunch

Healing Wisdom will have a safety protocol for Assisi which will be shared with registrants in the welcome letter.

Healing Wisdom

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