Safety Requirements
October 31-November 6, 2022 at the Garrison Institute in NY

As of now (8/11/22), it will be required that each person shows proof of a PCR test at a pharmacy or professional service within 48 hours before the conference begins, and then retest every 48 hours during the conference with a highly regarded antigen rapid test. In this way, we are respectful to our own lives and the lives of each other.

There may be circumstances throughout the training when we ask all participants to wear masks.

If you, or those you have been with prior to the training, are experiencing any cold/flu like symptoms, we ask that you notify us and not attend the training. Rest assured, you will be reimbursed by Healing Wisdom for the training fee component of your payments.

The Garrison Institute has stated that they will give full refunds to those that notify them of a COVID diagnosis with test results.
Here is a link to their general cancellation policy.

Additionally, the Garrison Institute requires proof of vaccination including boosters. If there is no vaccination record, then:
1. A letter of exemption must be submitted from a medical doctor
2. A lab test result must be submitted (rapid tests will not be accepted)
3. A personal quarantine must be undertaken 48 hours prior to the retreat.

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