Healing Wisdom - Movements in the Field of Life - International Constellations Training
with Ron Young
Sept. 2019 through March 2021
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Dear Students of Healing Wisdom,

I am pleased to share with you training information for the Healing Wisdom - Movements in the Field of Life - International Constellation Training.  In this training we will work through the evolution of the Constellation work as it continuously opens and evolves in its movement of spiritual consciousness including:  Family Constellations, Organizational Constellations, Geopathic Constellations, Spirit Mind Movement Constellations, Multi-dimensional Constellations, Archetypal and Incarnational Constellations, Spiritual Healing Constellations, and Gaia Life Constellations.

To complete thais training, a deep spiritual practice and commitment to your spiritual development is essential, for as we advance from the Family Constellations, each practitioner will be required to enter into the work from within their spiritual authority, and to open the door of intersession through the agency of God, Spirit, and Grace.

With the exception of December of 2019, which will be held at Kripalu, the remainder of our weekend sessions will be at Riverside Church in the Martin Luther King room, 411.  

Friday & Saturdays are from 9:30 am – 6:30 pm 
Sundays are from 12:00 – 6:00 pm

I have lowered my fee to make the training as affordable as possible.  Each module will be $125/person/day, which is a total of $375 per weekend training.  Participants who are coming from out of town will be responsible for their own room and board.

This training is an 18 month practicum organized in New York City that begins on Friday, September 20, 2019 and ends on Sunday, March 7, 2021.  Participants will be assisting clients individually, and as a group.  There will be reading, writing, and presentation assignments to assist with spiritual and constellation development.  Additional weekday evenings at Riverside Church will be added when I am in town to oversee your development.  For these evenings there will be a  small fee to cover the rental space.

Remain blessed,
Ron Young 

DATES 2019

Fri, Sept 20 – Sun, Sept 22 
Dec 9 – 15 (Kripalu)
(See Healing Wisdom website)
Fri, Nov 8 – Sun Nov 10

DATES 2020

Fri, Jan 17 – Sun, Jan 19
Fri, Apr 10 – Sun, Apr 12 
Fri, Feb 28 – Sun, Mar 1 
Fri, May 22 – Sun, May 24 
Fri, Aug 21 – Sun, Aug 23 
Fri, Jul 10 – Sun, Jul 12 
Fri, Oct 2 – Sun Oct 4
Fri, Dec 11 – Sun, Dec 13 
Fri, Nov 13 – Sun, Nov 15

DATES 2020

Fri, Jan 22 – Sun, Jan 24
Fri, Mar 5 – Sun, Mar 7  
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