To make this online model sustainable we need to respect and support the organizers, translators and creative artists

For this beautiful work to manifest we have received a profound and generous offering of support and service from the three organizers, nine translators, and the numerous creative artists who assist at each session in taking us forward with great success. Due to the extraordinary response to the meditations, it now takes over 50 hours per week just to organize these sessions including the time-consuming translations of all documents. The organizers and translators are the key to our success, their work is very difficult. Without them, nothing is possible at this level.  

I was taught by both my root teacher Hilda Charlton, and by Dr. Bert Hellinger, to make sure that the balance of giving and taking is equal, or success will not arrive in the movement forward.  In many spiritual groups you see extreme one-sided behavior, here we are called to work in the circle of love and respect, honoring and supporting each other.

Support the Organizers and Translators
Given the time and complexity of what is required for the meditations to magically and seamlessly go forward, I ask each of you who feel called and are able, to make a weekly donation from within your comfort zone as an offering of your support and gratitude to the organizers and translators. 

Support the Creative Professionals
For the creative artists,
we are organizing monthly concerts to assist in offerings to them. Again, please donate from within your comfort zone for them during the concert each month.

With Gratitude,
Ron Young

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