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Back into the Priority: Meditation with Ron Young

Recorded on April 1, 2023

Full agreement to our nature, as we make this the priority. Becoming aware of what hypnotizes us, and letting it go - whether it’s turning away, forgetting, irritation, marking time, superficial beauty, thought-forms, seeking to understand, willpower - we choose Self, the movement of love-compassion, over and over as we focus and re-focus. Giving full permission to be re-organized, regenerated, and to be the vehicle for creative intelligence to come through. Not tomorrow. This moment.

Timecodes & Musicians
  • 0:00:18 - Music: Richard Shulman, "___"
  • 0:08:04 - Music: Chantal Gosselin, "___"
  • 0:10:37 - Meditation Introduction: Ron Young
  • 0:13:10 - Music: Marc Poehllhuber, "___"
  • 0:17:30 - Music: Samantha Podrebarac, "___"
  • 0:19:51 - Meditation: Ron Young
  • 1:07:13 - Music: Chantal Gosselin, "___"
  • 1:11:37 - Closing Message: Ron Young
  • 1:14:23 - Music: Michael Falco, "___"
Thank You to Our Organizers
  • Simone Lamberti
  • Eliza Gendron
  • Sabina Celentano
  • Courtney Cooke
  • Farnoosh Moghadassi
  • Will Cheng
  • Luceri
  • Demi
  • Lara
  • Judy


Meditation with Ron Young


Meditation translated by Francesco Benivegna


Meditation translated by Cindy Balan / Marie Brouillard / Marie-José Richard


Meditation translated by Kalliopi Klontza


Meditation translated by Adalyn Yuen Ping Chan / Hofan Chau


Meditation translated by Hina Yue Guo / Hua Jing / Ofelia Chia-Yu Lo


Meditation translated by Yurii Kotlyar


Meditation translated by Denisse Becerra / Olga Perez
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