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Save the Date: The 18-Month International Constellation Training - Movements in the Field of Life with Ron Young - Asia (limited to residents of Asia)

September 1, 2024 - February 28, 2026

Asia Residents Only | In-Person and Online

We are pleased to announce The 18-Month International Constellation Training. We have updated the format of our training to better accommodate the needs of our students, fostering opportunities for their continued growth and development.  We will work through the evolution of the constellation work as it continuously opens and evolves in its movement of consciousness including: 

● Family Constellations ● Organizational Constellations 

● Deep Field Constellations ● Heart and Mind Movement Constellations 

● Multi-dimensional Constellations ● Archetypal Constellations 

● Gaia Life Constellations ● Geopathic Constellations  

This training offers an extraordinary foundation for living in abundance and success, fully supporting and empowering your personal, and professional life.  If your inspiration to enter the training is to enrich your knowledge of constellation work through personal experience, deepen your practice, or to go forward as a constellator, the training will support you.

- Ron Young


This training is for those who have attended an introductory training with Ron including the foundational Mother and Father Movements. 

If you have not taken an online or in-person training with Ron Young, you are required to attend one of the following trainings:

  • May 31-June 2 in Hong Kong - In-Person
  • June 8-14 in Yuntai Mountain, Henan, China - In-Person
  • August 16-18 Medicine of Spirit - Online

It is important that you are familiar with Ron and his work before you dive deeply into the 18-Month training.

Returning students and those who have previously taken the 18-Month Training and/or are in the Advanced Training are welcome.

LANGUAGES: English, Mandarin, Cantonese*
*We require a minimum of ten participants for translation into languages other than English.

More information coming soon!

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