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The advanced constellation work of Ron Young

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The Spirit Mind Wisdom Healing Constellations

In 2005 when Ron Young arrived to study with Dr. Bert Hellinger the father of Family Constellations, he arrived as a fully developed Spiritual Healer. Ron was well known in the Americas and Europe for his extraordinary success in assisting the seriously ill into remission through the agency of Spirit and Divine Grace. In particular Ron was recognized for unparalled success with assisting into remission clients with advanced metastatic disease.

From his very first encounter with the beautiful work of the
Family Constellations, Ron began using the FC work with clients in individual sessions, and in five to ten day students trainings. During the first three years his own personal work with Constellations, (separately from the work he did with Dr. Bert Hellinger), Ron averaged approximately 1,500 hours per year. This was deep immersion to see what was possible with the work of FC and what were the boundaries, and limitations of the work.

From 2008-2010 on Dr. Hellinger’s invitation Ron worked with Dr. Hellinger in Europe and the America’s, diving deeply into the Constellation work in its many forms and manifestations. The collaboration began a new level of learning and opening into the Greater Spiritual Field for each of them. Dr. Hellinger initially called this larger work in the Greater Spiritual Field “
Movements of the Spirit Mind,” and “Multi-Dimensional Constellations".

Using the Family Constellations with his Clients

In 2005 after his first introduction to
Family Constellations, Ron took the work to his clients with metastatic illness that was not responding to western medical treatment and found immediate response. In some cases through the FC there was apparent remission. Unfortunately, to Ron’s dismay, the traditional FC work brought remission for only three months. As a Spiritual Healer working through the agency of Spirit, Ron’s personal experience with remission with many clients had been otherwise. Those clients who went into remission through his work remained in remission, five, ten, fifteen years later with no reoccurrence.

As a result, in 2006 out of a great urgency to assist his clients with serious illness using the Constellation work, Ron moved the Constellation work from the Field of the Family Soul upon which the
FC was based, into the Greater Field of Spirit with the intention of full regenerative healing into the material body.

By the Grace and Guidance of Spirit, Ron found the success he was seeking with the Constellation work by investigating the Greater Spiritual Field through his pioneering
Big Field and Deep Field Constellations. Out of these explorations, The Spirit Mind Wisdom Healing Constellations opened. As Ron continued his investigations into the Greater Spiritual Field, the Holy Spiritual Constellations, and the Sacred Spiritual Constellations were born.

It is the Greater Field of Spirit that demonstrates through all forms of Spiritual Healing, its authority and power to operate by direct intercession through the agency of Divine Grace.

The Language and Movement of the new work:

By taking the Constellations into the Greater Field of Spirit from where he had established himself in consciousness as a Spiritual Healer, Ron found the immensity of the landscape and the language was astounding.

As this new level of the work began opening, the language was at once multidimensional. Each representative was manifesting 2-5 identities relating simultaneously to the whole field in synchronized movement, one after the other. The constellations were opening at archetypal-mythological levels of expression, and in the same moment moved backwards and forwards across the time-space spectrum. Here, for the first time in the Constellation work, the Greater Spiritual Field was consistently revealing the movements and cycles of incarnational expression.

Contained within this Greater Spiritual Field were also found the language and the images of the smaller field of the original Family Constellations. However, now they were secondary not primary images.

A whole new universe opened with new teachings and a very intricate, precise and subtle language to be learned. To go forward meant literally to leave all of the “known Constellation references” behind. One was entering into vast landscapes, epic in scope, into which one is born, and through which one enters into the unfathomable mysteries of Life. Here, the full Spiritual Field was demonstrating not the possibility but the reality of manifesting through spiritual intercession by a literal rewriting of the story. Without reference to the known, a new future was allowed to manifest through Spiritual Intercession.

This was something not possible through the agency of the original
Family Constellations. Previously, in the Family Constellations pioneered by Dr. Hellinger many years ago, the language and the revealed stories were focused through the lens of history, lineage and aspects of resonant themes held within the “Family Field” in the chosen family soul, though which the incarnation into time and space has been taken. The reorganization in FC was limited thorough the order of the Family Soul, its conscience, and its consciousness in terms of what it needed for its internal balancing of the whole of its structure.

Now, one was working in pure consciousness with no identity or history to hold on. Now, there was only the direct movement of Spirit carrying one deep into direct perception.

As such, from this manifestation in The Greater Field of Spirit, the revealed movements and stories as applied to the history of the incarnation were of small importance. The intelligence carried one directly into the spectrum of a much Greater Intelligence and Spirit into vast movements of integration and healing.

These healing movements are grounded in love and trust for who and what one is within That Which is Greater: God.
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